Game Report – Weird War II (Part 2)

August 11, 2008

Here is the second part of the game report.

Third Session

The group decides to check out one of the graveyards. After climbing over the wall and sneaking around on the site, they see that nazis dig up graves to exhume bodies and that the bodies are transported away from the graveyard to the Place de la Bastille. Also, later in the day, a car picks up the mage and drives him to a mansion in the suburbs of Paris. They are also able to sneak into a tent that was used by one of the blood mages and steal some documents. They reveal a close cooperation between the mages and the Gestapo. Knowing this, Klara tries to break into the office of her boss at the Gestapo headquarters, but sets off the alarm when trying to unlock the door. She, however, manages to talk herself out of the situation successfully.

Trying to get into contact with any remaining resistance fighters, they leave a note in a secret mailbox. A few hourse later, they get the answer to meet in an old boat house at the Seine. After meeting with them, they send them on a recon mission to find out where the trucks are going and what happens at the Place de la Bastille. They then decide to not take any more chances than needed and try to blow the ent place up. Due to Jean-Claude’s high level in Contacts: Blackmarket it was no problem to supply enough explosives for this operation.

The group decides to investigate the mansion where the mage from the graveyard was driven to. Sneaking into the garden, the group does not recognize the runes of protection around the building. Upon crossing the protection circle, two dragon-like looking stone figues at the main entrance of the buidling get animated and attack the characters. The characters get chased through all stories of the buildings. Eventually they are able to shoot the stone dragons into pieces.

Fourth Session

After defeating the stone dragons, the group searches the house and eventually heads towards the basement, where they get attacked by shadow-like fast-moving creatures and a Nazi blood mage. They are able to kill blood mage, but flee from the shadows. By doing this they missed the opportunity to find out more about the blood mage cult and possible magic devices to be used for protection.

Returning to the improvised headquarter at the river, the resistance NPCs that returned from the recon mission provide a detailed analysis of the Nazi base at the place de la Bastille. Recognizing the growing numbers of re-animated bodies patrolling the streets, the group decides to act immediately. They load all the gathered explosives on a truck and drive towards the checkpoint.

The final battle was pretty big involving nazi soldiers, orc-like nazi brutes, a blood mage and an SS-officer. Here unisystem revealed two of it’s flaws: no rules for movement and mass battles. On the other hand, rules for these elements are easy to import from other systems.

The characters successfully deploy and detonate the explosives at the entrance of the underground facility. There would have been the option to enter the facility, but the explosives they had were enough to destroy the whole place. Isabelle, who decides to take out two unmounted tanks in a shed, dies in the explosion after she is shot unconsciuos in a firefight with several enemies. They tried to get to their escape vehicle that was in the same shed. The other characters decide to not help her but to escape, since the timer is set to a rather short time. The end.


The Weird Wars series was originally designed for the D20 rule system. Since I always thought D20 is a bit slow for combat, I chose to use Unisystem, since you can easily have two or three combat situations during a session and still have enough for time for non-combat situations. Problems with Unisystem as already mentioned: no movement rules and no rules for mass battles. Savage Worlds has rules for both. It is a bit more extensive than Unisystem, but I will definitely use it for Weird Wars from now on. It seems to be the natural choice anyway, since the latest Weird Wars setting „Tour of Darkness“ was specifically designed for Savage Worlds. Weird War 2 supposedly will also be re-released for Savage Worlds.

The setting has pulp elements. Since the starting point is a historical scenario, however, the game master has total control about the degree of „weirdness“ he wants to use for his game. Also, the intrinsic camp factor of the system may suggest a humorous approach to the whole topic. This is certainly possible – and there were occasionally funny moments also in this game – but I normally prefer to not run a humorous Weird War game on purpose. This has worked out pretty well so far.

If you want to know what Weird War really looks like, check out the trailer for the upcoming new Wolfenstein game.


3 Responses to “Game Report – Weird War II (Part 2)”

  1. alexandro Says:

    Actually, Unisystem *has* Movement rules (at least my copy of Terra Primate has): characters move their Dex+Con in yds every second (I would make that every turn, to avoid confusion). They may improve their movement by taking the Running(Dash) action.

    Regarding mass combat you are right, of course. Dice pool systems are ill-suited for large-scale-combat (as soon as 10+ combatants are involved the game grinds to a halt). One way to avoid this is assigning all of them „average“ damage values instead of rolling each time. Also, if more than one opponent is attacking the same character, roll only the worst attack skill for the group, but add a die for each opponent after the first (up to four). Divide the result by 9 to get the number of opponents who hit (and do average damage each).

    Or you could just use Savage Worlds. 😉

  2. The movement rules only tell you how fast a character can run at maximum speed. At least that is what the rulebook for „All Flesh Must Be Eaten“ says. This value is probably not suited for movement in combat. Does Terra Primate have additional movement rules?

  3. alexandro Says:

    It says „(Dex+Con)x2“ is the characters top speed in miles per hour (mph) and half that number (=Dex+Con) is the number of yards the character moves in one second.

    Not really anywhere close to accurate if you convert the speed, but a good enough average to handle turn-based movement (the movement rates in D20 and SW are averages anyway and not really any more „realistic“ than this option).

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